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Chromatic kalimbas are now manufactured in Taiwan! With this instrument, all the chromatic notes across the whole range can be played. A must-have for fans of jazzy harmonic extensions.

This Cypress (solid wood) box based kalimba is splendid and meticulous. It got a clear and bright sound.

The wood cover for the sound hole is to maintain the smell of the wood.

Range: B-1 to E+1, in C major at the front side
(The Pangolin two-sided kalimbas sold in our shop got a unique tuning from those sold somewhere else. Please purchase here if you'd like to follow our course materials for learning chromatic kalimbas, or you have to tune your kalimba according to the instructions in our books)

The kalimba comes with an instruction book, stickers, a tuning hammer and a protection bag.

Origin: Taiwan


Watch video HERE

About the brand:
The Taiwanese brand Pangolin insists to deliver high quality products, as well as pursuing creative designs.
Their kalimbas are available in a wide range of prices, which suit the needs of different people.