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Kalimba Online 1-on-1 Class


🌟 Pioneer of kalimba teaching in Hong Kong, held different courses since 2017.

🌟 Over 100K subscribers on YouTube. Almost 10 million views. 

🌟 Provide chromatic kalimba course which is rare in the world.

🌟 We arrange and write our own teaching materials and music scores.

Course Introduction:


-  Lessons are all live and 1-on-1, not pre-recorded. Classes designed according to student's level and learning goals.

-  You could buy the instrument from us if necessary. We suggest students to buy chromatic kalimba if you plan to play on a long-term basis.

-  Languages available: Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

-  Please install ZOOM video communication software before lessons.

-  Tools like PowerPoint and virtual piano are used for explaining the music theories.

-  Real object projector shooting teacher's hands is used for kalimba demonstration in class.

-  ZOOM H5 professional digital recorder is used as microphone, to ensure student hearing every single word and note clearly.

-  Lessons can be recorded. You could watch the videos as many times as you like.

-  We will email you the handouts (in English) and music scores before lessons.


Time Needed: 

There are three levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced).

Normally, each level takes about eight 1-hour lessons to be completed. 


Course Content: 

【Beginners' Class】

【Intermediate Class】

【Advanced Class】


Price and Course Enrolment:

Please email to

or WhatsApp: (852) 54317143  for enquiries