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Intermediate Class


Entry Requirements: Applicants should have completed the beginners' class.

Or you may enrol this class directly if you have mastered the skills in playing 17-key diatonic kalimba, and understood the basic music theory.


Course Content: 

-  Learn advanced music theory, like the application of chromatic chords and seventh chords.

-  Become familiar with your own chromatic kalimba by practising the chromatic scale.

-  Start to play songs involving a little bit of chromatic notes, but still in the key of C major or A minor (i.e. The position of "Do" remains unchanged for every song).

-  Dynamics exercise. Try to play notes by different strengths to bring out the melody.

-  Students can learn at least one song per lesson, including, but not limited to,  "Gymnopédie No. 1", "Für Elise" and "Prelude in C".